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Land-system science for analysing dynamic landscapes: data, tools and models, Summer School August 27 to September 1, 2017, Switzerland
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The program of Global Land Project (GLP) is led by a Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) consisting of representatives from IGBP and IHDP communities, and the International Project Office of GLP (IPO GLP) is the administrative and coordinative core of GLP.More detailed information can be found at the home page of GLP IPO.

In order to implement the Science Plan of GLP efficiently, GLP has set up several nodal offices across the world, each of which focuses on a specific theme. The Beijing Nodal Office of GLP focuses on the theme of "Land Use and Ecosystem Interactions".
















Objective 1

To develop regional and world wide collaborative research programs on land systems so as to improve the understanding on the function of Earth Systems.

Objective 2

To identify regional priorities and potential sponsorship so as to make GLP a board-based international program in sci-entific participation, project sponsorship, and organiza-tional leadship.

Objective 3

To enhance institutional cap-acity through capacity building for sustainable governance of land systems and eco-environ-ment.















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